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BET founder Robert Johnson slams protesters for toppling statues

BET founder Robert Johnson slammed people who topple Confederate along with other sculptures across the US as”borderline anarchists” — also maintained that the act implies”absolutely means nothing” to black Americans.

Johnson, who recently called for the authorities to supply $14 trillion in reparations to the descendants of slavery, told FOX News Wednesday the motion to shoot down figurines, cancel TV displays and fire academics is pointless to aid the black community.

People tearing down statues”possess the mistaken premise that black men and women are sitting about cheering for them saying’Oh, my God, look at those white men and women. They are doing something so significant to us. They are taking down the statue of a Civil War general who fought for the South,” Johnson stated.

“You know, black people, in my view, black folks laugh at white men and women who do so the exact same way we laugh at white men and women who say,’we must eliminate the TV displays,”’ he explained.

“[It’s] tantamount to rearranging the deck chairs in a democratic Titanic,” added Johnson, who became the nation’s first black billionaire in 2001. “It totally means nothing”

Black Americans, Johnson contended, would profit more from structural modifications for example economic equality.

“Look, the men and women that are basically tearing down statues, attempting to make a statement are essentially borderline anarchists, how I look at it,” Johnson told FOX. “They truly don’t have any agenda aside from the idea we are going to topple a statue. It is not likely to close the prosperity gap. It is not likely to provide a child whose parents can not afford school money to go into school. It is not likely to shut the labour gap between what white employees are compensated and what black employees are compensated. Plus it isn’t likely to take people off welfare or food stamps.”

He rejected the notion of canceling TV shows such as”The Dukes of Hazzard” due to the Confederate flags which appear inside, along with the movement to place a prologue in the beginning of this movie”Gone With The Wind,” warning of content that is racist.

Johnson also lashed to white actors using their social networking platforms to apologize to their own race.

“You know, that to me is that the silliest expression of white privilege which exists within this nation. The idea that a star might get on a Twitter feed also say,’oh, my God, I am quite sorry that I’m white,”’ he explained. “I really don’t find any black folks getting on Twitter and saying,’Oh, I am so sorry I am black’ And we have the worst issues. … My thing would be: adopt being whitened and do the ideal thing.”

Johnson encouraged white Americans to sit down with black Americans and inquire what they truly want.

“White Americans appear to believe that if they simply do kind of drastic things that black men and women will say,’Oh my God, white men and women love us since they shot down a statue of Stonewall Jackson,”’he explained. “Truthfully, black folks do not give a damn.”

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