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Biden Claims Trump Can Be Guilty Of Dereliction Of Duty When He Would Not Read Russia Bounty Briefing

Joe Biden explained that Trump was guilty of dereliction of duty if he had been briefed about the Russian law, but did not read it.

Biden stated:

But if what I’ve heard during the past week and the current reporting that it had been from the PDB, the Presidential Daily Brief, the presidential daily brief is some thing I read each and every day since vice president. The president read it daily. I had been briefed every morning until I got to the white house and after that again. Therefore the thought that somehow he did not understand or is not being briefed, it’s a dereliction of duty if that is the situation. And if he had been briefed and nothing has been done about it, that is a dereliction of responsibility.

I figure the best way I’d like to finish this really is, I had been speaking to my wife Jill, and I really don’t see her get angry quite frequently. She began inquiring, Joe, what could you have done if Beau was in harm’s way and that advice came out along with the president Beau was my son. I am sorry. I apologize. He served in Iraq for a year from the military. However, if he had been in Afghanistan, exactly what exactly are those parents considering there? What are these brothers and sons, wives and husbands believing? It is a complete dereliction of duty in case some of this is remotely correct.


The reports and evidence are mounting that Trump was briefed about the Russian bounty which was put on US troops in Afghanistan. The White House knew about the bounty in 2019 and attempted to keep it a secret. Biden isn’t studying the briefing is a dereliction of responsibility. The president takes an oath to guard the nation, also Trump violated his oath when he disregarded intelligence which Russia had set a price on the minds of US troops.

For much more discussion about this narrative connect our Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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