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City DOE Prefer to see whistleblowers squelched than Acknowledge grade-fixing Issue

In the spirit of not permitting a catastrophe”go to waste,” the forces in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill HS are employing the virus-driven demand for funding reductions as an excuse to push several whistleblowing educators .

Last month, The Post reported on sound recordings of their college’s administrators ordering grade-fixing to pass students who were neglecting remote-learning classes.

Primary Anna Maria Mule, on a different mission until next month, has allegedly been running the faculty all together, via acting Primary Costas Constantinidis.

Currently, Susan Edelman reports in Sunday’s Post, Constantinidis has ousted six instructors as”in excess” at the surface of COVID-19 cutbacks — faking it is coincidence that nearly all of these were the men and women who reported regular fraud. It had been”obviously retaliation,” says one sufferer.

Plus it will not save the town a cent: The ousted teachers (at worst) end up at the Absent Teacher Reserve, becoming paid total salary to possibly serve as replacements on a few days.

The fundamental Department of Education office, meanwhile, nevertheless insists the practices subjected on the cassette did not affect grading. To put it differently, Chancellor Richard Carranza and his minions prefer to cover such scandals — and also proceed together with the squelching of whistleblowers — compared to confront the simple fact that it goes at colleges throughout the city.

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