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City Hall’s Drive to bleed out NYC’s property owners

Kudos to City Councilmen Kalman Yeger, Robert Holden, Mark Gjonaj and 10 other people for sticking up for city homeowners and land owners at the council discussion about diminishing fascination for landlords delinquent within their property-tax obligations.

City Hall would like to bill landlords usurious penalties (around 18 percentage ) for overdue payments. Team de Blasio even texted council members throughout the discussion about Yeger’s amendment, urging them to withstand.

“This Kalman floor modification is mad,” read one text obtained by The Post. “It will bankrupt the town and we’ll not have any cash for solutions.”

Councilman Peter Yoo billed that City Hall appears to see land owners as a cash cow.

“Building owners wish to satisfy their duty of paying real estate taxes, but they simply require more time,” stated the Rent Stabilization Association’s Frank Ricci.

Why single out real estate owners for pain, once the city is slipping up on everybody else who was hit hard by the pandemic and lockdown?

With renters granted a leasing moratorium, how are landlords to locate money for taxation?

“The fairest large city in America” needs to slam its biggest providers of affordable housing just because they’re landlords.

Yes, even the financial shutdown is hungry the town’s coffers — but there is no reason to barbarous just 1 type of taxpayer. Locate a much better manner, Mr. Mayor.

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