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Cyprus travel information: Is Cyprus on lockdown? So when can we journey to Cyprus? | Travel News | Travel

Cyprus was available to a tourists out of early June, but the UK was not among the. Together with the disease rate improving in the united kingdom and lockdown constraints being eased, it’s been indicated that vacations are not completely off the table . Cyprus can be an alternative for British holidaymakers, and here is why.

Can Be Cyprus on lockdown?

Considering shutting their boundaries at March, Cyprus maintained its complete coronavirus situation to below 1000.

The Cypriot Government stopped two weeks of lockdown on Thursday, May 21.

Over 32,000 individuals went back to thousands of kids returned to college.

As of June 9, shopping centers, airports, pubs, restaurants, and cinemas were again back in business.

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The island has reopened tourism, allowing in a list of nations for now.

The country split nations into two categories: Category A and Category B.

At June 20, people flying from Category A nations could enter Cyprus without any limitations.

But, those flying from Category B states would have to get a PCR test done 72 hours before travel.

The United Kingdom is clearly absent from this listing, however, the listing will be upgraded as the COVID scenario changes in the united kingdom.

The island is excited for Brits to go to, together with the country being it a massive chunk of its revenue from tourism.

Mr Perdios also called discounted vacations, together with tour operators keen to draw as many clients as you can.

He explained: There will be very great bargains for Brits this summer I’m sure of this, not only in Cyprus but the Mediterranean generally.

“We have already been in contact with tour operators to the previous two weeks at least, speaking to TUI, Jet2, etc.

“We are likely to find that a price war with heavy discounting particularly through tour operators in the forthcoming weeks.

“The reason that the new deals have not come up yet is because nobody understood when, precisely, they were starting.

“The prices, the prices, the bundles are being finalised now.

“Now things are slightly clearer and destinations are starting, tour operators believe it is likely to save a little area of the summer even in the last minute.”

This will all proceed if the UK alters its guidance on international travel by next month.

The island has also promised to cover all costs if people contract coronavirus whilst on vacation, with quarantine resorts setup to accommodate relatives of people who capture it.

Brits might want to have a check at Cyprus’ airports or deliver evidence they have tested negative for COVID-19.

from those 994 recorded complete instances in Cyprus, 824 have regained and 19 have expired.

This leaves just 151 active instances and no vital instances, which makes the island a secure place to see.

Can the UK possess an airbridge with Cyprus?

At present, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is advising against all but essential global traveling, ruling out a vacation to Cyprus.

But, these constraints are anticipated to be raised on Monday in accord with another significant statement.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps first introduced the idea of air bridges May, and also the Government’s programs are set to be published June 29.

An air bridge, also called a travel corridor or transportation corridor, is an arrangement between two nations that permits tourists to travel without any constraints.

Airbridge agreements imply that UK holidaymakers can see nations with reduced COVID-19 disease rates without needing to pay for 14 times if they return home.

The arrangement is reciprocal, with individuals in these nations free to go to the UK without needing to quarantine on entrance.

The Government’s plan is to have”travel corridors” between the united kingdom and quite a few short-haul destinations.

Top contenders are Spain, France and Greece, but this isn’t certain and it isn’t known whether Cyprus is going to be included.

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