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Press Secretary Ends Briefing And Flees When Asked If Trump Had Been Briefed About Russia Bounty

White House Press Secretary Kaleigh McEnany stopped the briefing and walked afterwards she had been asked to explain if Trump was briefed on the Russia bounty.

When requested for opinions on whether Trump was briefed, McEnany said, A editor claimed that the Trump effort and Russia had a overarching deal the quid of assistance in the effort against Hillary for the quo of a fresh Russia foreign policy. That is what we call the Russia hoax that was researched for three years using taxpayers dollars before finally getting an exoneration (Trump wasn’t exonerated) from the Mueller report.It is inexcusable the unsuccessful Russia coverage of The New York Times, and I think that it’s time the New York Times, along with The Washington Post, back their Pulitzers.”


The Press Secretary never answered the question but decided to proceed with the normal Trump tactic of attempting to discredit the source of the first reporting. It’s a simple question to answer. If Trump was briefed, state so.
Reports are that Trump was briefed in March, but dismissed the briefing.

The sole reason behind that the White House to maintain a House Republican-only briefing on the bounty is since they’re trying to perform damage control.

The media briefing backfired and just added into the scandal by making Trump seem guilty as sin.

For much more discussion about this narrative combine our Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group.

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