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Trump Is Panicking And Trying to Locate a New Nickname For Biden

Trump understands he is dropping and he believes that the best way to flip around his neglecting presidential effort is a brand new nickname for Joe Biden.

The Washington Post reported:

An urgent job for Trump and his group, advisers say, is to locate a means to negatively establish Biden — changing the election into a choice between the two guys, instead of a referendum on Trump.

Trump has been asking advisers whether he should stick to his current nickname for Biden –“Sleepy Joe” — or attempt to coin a different moniker, for example”Swampy Joe” or even”Creepy Joe.” The president isn’t convinced that”Sleepy Joe” is especially damaging, and a number of his advisers concur and have urged him to quit using the nickname. At a tweet Sunday, Trump tried out another version:”Corrupt Joe.”

One of the greatest mistakes that Trump and his effort have continued to create is they believe they can make this election about Joe Biden.

That is not 2016. Donald Trump is the incumbent. The election will turn to the issue of committing Trump the next four years in office. The Trump effort is wasting its time attempting to define Joe Biden if Trump has to provide voters a reason why they ought to give him another term.

A nickname for Joe Biden at the middle of a pandemic and financial reaction is only going to backfire Trump, but his desperation to define Biden demonstrates that Trump knows he’s losing, and he’s having no success at trying to specify Joe Biden.

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