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War Hero Tammy Duckworth Tears Trump Apart For Golfing While Troops Have Bounty On Their Heads

Decorated combat veteran and Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth ripped Donald Trump to shreds on Monday for spending his weekend on the golf course even after it had been noted that Russia had been paying to possess U.S. soldiers murdered.

At an address on the Senate floor, Duckworth reported the bombshell news shows that Trump is dangerously incompetent and did not know about the bounties, or he knew all along and decided to cover this up.

“Both are damning for the guy who’s supposed to be accountable,” she explained.

Duckworth reported that if Trump did not know about the bounties prior to the New York Times released its report on Friday, what he did after the report came out was so dreadful.

“While [Trump] spent his weekend golf, lying and making certain the dollar stopped everywhere but with him, our troops at hotspots across the world have been made to wonder… if a bounty may be set on their minds tomorrow and if President Trump would care enough to react if this was the situation,” she explained.


Sen. Duckworth stated:

Saying that Trump management officials are prone to putting is like saying they are more prone to breathing. However there are just two possible situations ahead of us both are damning for the guy who’s supposed to be accountable for The first is that Trump was not really looped in. In cases like this, ignorance is not exculpatory. ‘I did not understand that our adversary was helping kill American troops since nobody told me’ isn’t a justification for its commander in chief of the largest army in the world. It’s, in actuality, a confession of incompetence. If he was never informed, then so that his own team believed he is so jeopardized by Russia or else they believe him counterproductive to the functioning of the nation they believed it necessary to conceal critical information regarding our national security . And if it’s a fact that people who knew of the danger of American lives neglected to inform the president then we ought to anticipate a president with such an affinity for shooting senior officials to have no qualms about acting quickly to take out the cabinet-level officials that neglected to share this important information with him. The second, a lot more likely choice is they’re covering for himthat Trump understood that of course Trump understood, yet he did not behave. This America First president moved directly on putting Russian interests before American lives, maintained on behaving as Putin’s lackey, attempting to dent Russia an invitation back into what are the G-8 even because he learned they were working with terrorists to aim our troops. Then when the news finally broke on Fridayhe made a decision to lie about what he’d understood all along, concentrate on protecting his personal reputation than shielding the troops sacrificing for our nation abroad on his own orders. Well, at least one American support member is dead as a consequence of those bounties. And while he spent his weekend golf, lying and making certain the dollar stopped everywhere but with him, our troops in hot spots all over the globe were made to wonder if they may be next, if or not a bounty may be set on their heads everywhere and if President Trump would care enough to react if this was the situation.

Trump responded like he previously knew Russia was paying to kill U.S. troops

there isn’t any question that Donald Trump is the most corrupt and incompetent president America’s ever needed. The American people did not require another bombshell report by the New York Times to make that decision.

However, the notion he was totally in the dark about something that volatile is extremely improbable. And of course, Trump’s own behaviour after the report came out — instantly firing up the British cart — indicates that it did not grab him off guard in any respect, he understood all along.

Donald Trump only enjoys U.S. troops when he could use them as a political prop. If Vladimir Putin is paying to get them murdered, it is just another day at the golf program.

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